750.00 699.00
750.00 699.00
750.00 699.00


Every Bigfish comes with a full-size geometry and transmission that’s configured to squeeze the very best out of the 16’ wheels. It might be a folding bike, but there’s no compromise in its riding quality. If you position Bigfish next to a conventional bike, you’ll see that the proportions match up.

Bigfish Wave frames are made from 6061 aluminum, making them high quality and light as a feather.  

With its Shimano Nexus 3 gearing system you will be able to enjoy the cityview from the top of the hill.


Take your new Bigfish bike with you anywhere! It takes only 4 buttons to fold it into its smaller version. How cool is that? It’s so quick and easy, and no additional tools are needed.  

Wheel it along with you as you walk, have it in an upright position, or pull it like a trolly – it’s your choice! The freedom of riding your Bigfish bike is a unique experience.


Make the Bigfish an essential part of your daily journey, take it with you in a car, on a bus or a train, and continue your journey on the bike.

You can fit two Bigfish bikes in the boot of most compact cars, that way you can share the joy of riding with your loved ones.

In city areas where cycling is not permitted, the folded Bigfish can be comfortably rolled on its own wheel along with you as you walk. 


Do you live in a small apartment and have no garage? We have the perfect solution!

The folded Bigfish is so lean it’ll fit just about anywhere. Whether it’s at home or your workplace, you will keep it safe and protected from any unnecessary damage.