Why get a folding bike?

In the last couple of years folding bikes have grown in their popularity. There are several benefits of owning a folding bike. However, if you are still unsure, here are the advantages of the folding bike.

It folds up when not needed

The main benefit of the folding bike is that it is designed to fold up when not needed. Obviously, right? Well, in the beginning, some folding systems were so complicated, or extra tools were required, that users simply did not bother about folding the bike. However, this has now become an easy and quick process. Bigfish folding bikes fold up in a matter of seconds. When you get the Bigfish folding bike, you will see that the process of folding the bike is super simple and you will learn it quickly. All you need to do is press the buttons. No tools required, no specific steps to follow.


Easy to store

The second benefit of folding bikes is that they have become compact. Once you fold up the bike, you can put it virtually anywhere you want. Folding bikes will fit just about anywhere – in the wardrobe, behind a couch, on the balcony. Even, when you are working you do not need to worry about leaving it far from your sight, as they fit under a desk, staying practically invisible. By purchasing the Bigfish bike, you will never have a problem finding a space where to leave it, as it folds up into a 107x66x28 version.


Great ride

The goal when creating the folding bikes is that they transform from fully functioning bikes to a modest size. First, insures you an enjoyable ride. The second one, allows you to store it away when not needed. Although when you get the Bigfish folding bike, you might find it to be a little bit bigger when folded than other folding bikes, the reason it’s exactly for the reason that it guarantees a great ride. This is because, the Bigfish bikes have a full-size geometry, so when you position it to the conventional bike, you will see that the proportions match. Therefore, it might be a folding bike, but there’s no compromise in its riding quality.

Great for commuters

Are you a commuter? If yes, then you should get a folding bike. Folding bikes are great for commuters, as you can easily fold them up and take them with you on a bus, train, or metro. Start your journey with a bike, hop on to another transportation system and end your journey with the bike, or any way you want. And even if you are not a commuter, folding bikes are great to take with you on trips. Bigfish folding bike is designed in such a way, that two folded bikes can easily go into a trunk of a compact car, and still leave some space for luggage.


Protected from thieves

Are you in constant fear of your bike getting stolen? No more! You can keep folding bikes constantly at your sight. Store it in-house. When you go to work, keep it next or under your desk. Furthermore, you can forget about the burden of purchasing and carrying expensive and heavy locks, that only need an additional key to carry with you or a code to remember.

Changing weather conditions

With the folding bike, you don’t need to worry about getting home, to the office, or school all soaked up in the water. If it starts to rain and you need to stay dry, you can simply fold the bike and continue your journey another way. Also, by storing the bike inside you protect it from being damaged by changing weather conditions, rust, constant repairs, leaving your bike life span longer.


Protect the environment

With the purchase of a folding bike, you also take care of the environment. Instead of driving in your car, go with your bike, that’s how you use lesser fuel and lower the emissions.



Daily exercise

There’s one last plus to getting a folding bike – a dose of daily exercise. It is not much, but it is definitely something. A ten-minute with a bicycle is good for your health and the immune system.

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