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  • Isn't the small wheel size of a Bigfish folding bike a disadvantage?
    • Bigfish folding bikes might have smaller wheels than you are used to, but that doesn’t compromise the ride quality – Bigfish „full size“ geometry and transmissions are configured to squeeze the very best out of the nippy 16’’ wheels. The full-size wheelbase, the upright riding position and excellent pedaling performance make Bigfish a perfect choice for commuting and exploring.

  • How do I buy Bigfish bike in a country without distributor?
    • If there is no distributor in your country, contact us on  and send us your details. We will prepare you an offer and calculated shipping costs for your destination. We are seeking to expand new territories to our network.

      We hope to be distributing to your country soon!

  • I lost my instructions. Can I get another copy?
    • View our instuctions online or contact us on

  • Do you have any videos of your bikes?
    • To watch the videos about Bigfish folding Bike click here.

  • Where I can buy Bigfish bike?
  • Where is the serial number on a Bigfish Line folding bike?
    • Bigfish Line folding bike has its own unique serial number. It is stamped on the frame below the axis of the pedals.

  • How demanding is Bigfish Line folding and assembling procedure?
    • Follow the instructions and video carefully to fully understand folding/unfolding procedures. No more memorazing the order of folding steps. Bike is fully folded/unfolded and ready to use with a simple press of a button in only a few seconds.

      Folding procedure can be seen here: LINK

  • ¸Is it necessary to use a certain gear, when folding and assembling the bike?
    • No. Bigfish has inner gears, so you don't need to worry about which gear the bike is in during the process of folding.

  • Do I need any tools to fold the bike?
    • No tools are required for folding and unfolding.

  • Why has Bigfish Line better quality than other folding bikes?
    • Bigfish Line has some important advantages comparing to other folding bikes, such as:

      -single frame, which isn't broken up by a hinge, what ensures responsiveness and stability on your ride.

      -as comfortable as any other city bike: due to Bigfish's Citybike geometry, riding the Bigfish is as comfortable as riding any other city bike.

      MORE: LINK

      Easier transfer: is bulit in a way that allows you to pull the bike behind or along with you on a reat wheel. This way you avoid carrying the bike.

      Folding pedals: Bike folds in to a small package and it is more practical to store.

  • I'm not a technical person. Is folding and unfolding the bike difficult?
    • Folding and unfolding the Bigfish Line is easy, it requires only a four steps. No additional tools are needed, and difficult screwing is replaced with Smart Folding Technology. The bike can be folded or assemled in no prescribed folding order.

      Folding procedure can be seen here: LINK

  • What should I take care when folding and unfolding the bike?
    • The corect use of your bike is important for your safety. Folding and unfolding can be done in any sequence. Important is that you are on the left side of the bike on a level surface. Before starting to fold the bike, position the pedals horizontal to the ground, with the left pedal to the front. Fold the pedals, release the seat clamp, adjust the seat and fix it with the seat clamp lever.

      Smart Folding Technology works with a simple press or pull buttons and can be completed in any order. Make sure that all green mark on buttons are completely visible. The button must jump out to its original position.

      During folding and assembly, be attentive so as to prevent injury. Follow the instructions carefully.

      Before your first ride it is essential to check the functioning of the Smart Folding Technology. It is important to repeat this check before each and every ride.

  • ¸Are you sure the storage of the bike inside will not dirty the wall of an apartment or office?
    • Bigfish is really indoors friendly! The little stands on the bottom of the frame, allows the folded bike to stand up, with wheels lifted off the ground. So no mucky carpets!

  • Which colors are available?
    • Bigfish is available in brown black, orange and white colour.

  • Can I choose a different colour?
    • Not right now, but if there's a colour you'd like to see why not tell us! Contact us on

  • Are bags or baskets available?
    • Yes. Bigfish accessories are available here. (link) The Klickfix Mini Shopper bag is a spacious and convenient bag that comes with practical features like a detachable rain cover, extra zip compartments, soft grip handles and reflector. Colour: Black.

  • What is the maximum permissible wight of the user?
    • Maximum permissible wight of the user is 110kg. A heavier load may lead to accident and injury of the user or bike damage.

  • Can I put luggage on Bigfish?
    • Of course. Among the accessories available for Bigfish is a handy Klickfix Mini Shopper bag. It's easily detachable and spacious and includes practical features like detachable rain cover, extra zip compartments, soft grip handles and reflector. Colour: Black You can order it here (link)

  • Does Bigfish have lights? Where do I install the lights?
    • Bigfish package are two basic battery lights, front and rear, plus retro-reflectors. Follow the instructions for use here. (link).

  • Can I fit Bigfish into the boot of my car?
    • Yes. You can put 2 Bigfish bikes in a trunk of a medium class car, and it still retains space for other luggage.

  • What about on public transport?
    • Unlike a full size bike, there are no restrictions on taking your Bigfish folding bike onto public transport such as trains, bus, metro, tram...

  • What accessories are available for Bigfish?
    • Why not supplement your Bigfish with the following accessories: -Bigfish Hometrainer: You can get fit in the comfort of your own home with the foldable, magnetic-drive Bigfish Hometrainer. Smooth pedalling, 5 resistance levels, absolute quietness and zero maintenance. The ergonomic gear shifter remotely regulates 5 resistance levels. Pedalling is always smooth and silent. Yu can order it here (link). -Mini Shopper bag: See 'Luggage' above. You can order it here (link). -Caddy bag adapter: Handlebar adapter for mounting a bag on vertical tubes such as stems or seat posts. Robust body made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide. Ideal for attaching the Klickfix Mini Shopper Bag. It is also suitable for other bikes. Fits all tube diameters Ø 22-36mm You can order it here (link).

  • Is riding folding bike as comfortable as riding ordinray bike?
    • Not all folding bikes are as comfortable as ordinary bikes, because the geometry is not ''appropriate'' and riding such bike more than few hundred meters can be awkward and fiddly. Fortunately Bigfish has the same wheelbase and pedal, handlebar and seat ratios as a full-size bike, which means the ride is no way compromised. It's as comfortable as riding an ordinary bike, despite the small wheels. All the key points necessary for a great ride are positioned the same as with an ordinary city bike. Equal distances between the front and back wheels and the seat and handlebars provide a full-size bike ride. Also, the single frame is not broken up by a hinge, and this ensures responsiveness and stability on your ride. For short to medium distances in towns and cities, however, Bigfish really comes into its own.. the gearing, small wheels, quick acceleration, supermanueuverability and full-size wheelbase all combine to get you there quicker.

  • Can Bigfish fold by itself while riding?
    • No. Bigfish is perfectly safe, as long as it's properly assembled and prepared for the ride. If so, there is no possible way for the bike to fold by itself during the ride. So it's important to carefully follow the instructions that came with the purchase and watch the videos on this site. As you would with every bike, it's always recommended to do a few quick checks before setting off on your ride. Before every ride, make sure that all green mark on all buttons are fully visible- the buttons must jump out to its original position and the handle for adjusting the seat height is fully closed. Only proper installation of all the important parts can ensure full riding safety.

  • What is so special about the Bigfish folding bikes?
    • Bigfish folding bikes are so easy to fold and are great to ride.

      They use Smart Folding Technology (SFT), a totally new and user-friendly concept of folding in the bike industry, which allows the bikes to be folded intuitively, with the simple press of a button. The bikes can be folded in any sequence, without any tools or screwing parts.

      Bigfish's full-size geometry gives you a remarkable cycling experience. It's comfortable, easy to maneuver and effortless to pedal.

      Bigfish folding bikes fold up nice and slim, they'll fit about anywhere. Neither cumbersome or cubic, they're designed to sit out of the way, in your living space or in transit. They have a miniscule footprint for the train or lift, so you can hold them close to your body as if they were part of you.

      Another special thing about the Bigfish folding bikes is that they're designed to be mobile even when folded. You can wheel them along with you as you walk.

  • Which Bigfish models are available?
    • You can choose between Line, Wave and Line+ model.

  • Why would I need a folding bike?
    • The bike is one of the world’s greatest inventions, but in it's traditional form it does have some deficiencies. One of the deficiencies of a standard bike is, that it’s difficult to combine with other modes of transport - bus, car, train.

      The folding bike can simply be taken on with you. The standard bike also takes up a lot more space, so you need garage or basement. But a folding bike can be stored neatly in a small apartment.

      When we plan a bike trip with the car, getting all the bikes on a rack can be awkward and time consuming but the folding bike can just be popped into the boot.

      Another deficiency of the standard bike is the fact, that we can't always take it with us everywhere we go, we often have to leave it outside in the street where it's at the mercy of bike thieves and vandals. But the fldin bike just comes along with you.

  • What’s special about Bigfish next to other folding bikes?
    • Apart from its amazing looks! Bigfish can be wheeled along with you when it's folded - really convenient on the underground or railway station platform. It's also different because of the unique way it folds, it uses a unique Smart Folding Technology. This system means that the bike can be folded or assemled in no prescribed folding order without screwing joints together, the use of tools and no need to get your hands or clothes dirty.

      The majority of folding bikes fold in the middle of the frame which decreases the bike's rigidity. Due to its own unique patented folding system Bigfish's single frame is not broken up by a inge, and this ensures responsiveness and stability on your ride.

      One of the Bigfish's advantages compare to other folding bikes is the riding quality. All the key points necessary for a great ride are positioned the same as with an ordinary city bike. Equal distances between the front and back wheels and the seat and handlebars provide a full size bike ride.


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